Midi scripter

Program to generate a MIDI file from simple commands in text files.

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Project status: no longer under development, but still useful. I may expand it if anyone expresses interest.
Developed: 2005

This program generates a MIDI file from simple commands in text files. It was specifically created for someone who is visually impaired, so it is intended to be accessible to anyone any easy to use.

I mainly wrote it for two reasons: as a special request from Philip Bennefall, and as a little project to learn the Ruby programming language. As such, I don't guarantee that it is generally useful or complete. However, it does work for Philip's particular purposes, and I think it will be useful to others. If there is enough interest I will certainly expand it. This is still very much in the beta stage, so YMMV.

MIDI Scripter Screenshot

This program is free software and you may do just about anything you like with it (see the license for more details).


See the README file for more information.


Demo Songs

Thanks to Philip Bennefall for providing these demo songs:

Song Link
World Song: MP3 / MIDI / Source
Orchestral Theme: MP3 / MIDI / Source
Rock Song: MP3 / MIDI / Source