Current atlas tables

Lookup tables for the the Current Atlas: Juan de Fuca Strait to Strait of Georgia

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Project status: active
Developed: 2009-2011

These tables are for use with the Current Atlas: Juan de Fuca Strait to Strait of Georgia (published by the Canadian Hydrographic Service), and make it easier to use by providing pre-computed tables of chart numbers for any given date and time. Oh, and they're free for non-commercial use!

The results should be similar to Murray's Tables or Washburne's Tables, although the page numbers given are different in some cases but if you look at the charts on those pages you should find that they look almost the same. My reason for producing these was frustration at the difficulty of finding these books in stock at stores, especially since the data is so easy to calculate.

I've been using these tables with success since 2009, and have heard from several others doing the same. That being said, never rely on them as your only information about currents (this is actually good advice for any use of the Current Atlas, since it can be way off for places with strong currents). Please let me know if you find them helpful, or have any questions or concerns.

Here are the tables from 2014 to to 2020. Use the HTML link to view online, and the PDF link for a printable version.

If you would like tables such as these for other current atlases from the Canadian Hydrographic Service, please mail me one and I'll see what I can do. My scripts should be easy to adapt.

In addition to the computed tables, you can get the scripts I wrote to produce them at GitHub. The bulk of the work was done over a couple of hours one rainy morning, and then some extra time to refine the output and make it presentable.